Effective assessment can reflect children’s performance on learning and development, and provide children with positive feedback, helping them to identify the areas for improvement.

Assessment is also an important part of the curriculum, as it serves as the blueprint for curriculum development and helps schools review its content and effectiveness of implementation.

✓  understand children’s learning progress as well as physical and psychological development;
  identify learner diversity so as to provide children with appropriate care;
keep parents informed about their children’s life and learning progress at school, in order to promote home-school co-operation;
✓ review the effectiveness of learning activities for timely adjustments of teaching content and strategies to meet children’s needs.

 understand their own learning performance and be willing to take advice;
know their own strengths and understand the directions for improvement;
review and reflect on their own performance with the assistance and encouragement of teachers and parents.

 understand their children’s performance at school;
deepen their understanding of the growth of their children;
establish reasonable expectations of their children;
understand and align with the pedagogical approach of schools, with a view to providing children with the best education.