School Song

Dr. Lau Wing Chi, Margaret, composed the school song for Abiding Kindergarten in 2017 and combined the school motto into the lyrics.

Dr. Margaret Lau is an Assistant Professor of Teaching, Department of Early Childhood Education (ECE) of The Education University of Hong Kong. Her research areas focus on but not limited to early childhood music and child development. She devoted her career to study children’s creative music, music activities, and games. She won the “Excellence in Teaching Award” of The Education University of Hong Kong in 2009 and was selected the “Soong Ching Ling Early Childhood Education Award” HKSAR winner by the Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation in the same year. From 2015 to 2020, she was awarded the Certificate of Merit and the Faculty “Top 10% Teaching Award” of The Education University of Hong Kong.

Dr. Lau excels in children’s music playing and rhythm teaching. On numerus occasions, she has been invited to serve as chorus conductor, parent-child music course tutor, music event judge, and music consultant for various educational institutions. She is often invited to lead large-scale music lectures and workshops for kindergartens.


Dr. LAU Wing Chi, Margaret
PhD QUT, MEd HKU, BPhil(Ed) Newcastle (UK)
Adv Dip Ed, QKT, GCE

Dr. Lau is proficient and skillful at integrating theory with practice. She was also invited by the Education Bureau (2011-2014) and the Toronto District School Board (2011 & 2013) respectively to serve as a keynote speaker to provide training of the music knowledge and teaching skills to all kindergarten teachers in Hong Kong and Canadian educators, and enhance teachers’ music teaching professional development. Dr. Lau has been invited to be the keynote speaker of many local and overseas international conferences, giving presentations, speeches, and sharing of music practices in the events. She has also authored and published many creative music articles about early childhood.