Address: Nam Pin Wai, Yuen Long, N.T.

Tel: 2475 6996

E-mail: [email protected]

Fax: 2475 2113

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Supervisor Mrs. Chueng Wai Mun
School Head Mr. Leung Tsz Man
School Type Kindergarten Education Scheme
Student Gender Co-ed
Sponsoring Body Abiding Educational Charity Limited
Religion Not Applicable
Year of Commencement of Operation 2014
School Motto Ability, Behavior, Intelligent, Delight
School Size About 900 Sq. M
Medium of Instruction Chinese
School Bus Service School Private Light Bus (Nanny van)
School Fee
Tuition Fee
Application Fee$40
Registration Fee$970(Conditional refundable. Please refer to admission arrangements for details)
Other Fees Please find the other Fees for 2020/2021
Number of Classroom(s) 6
Number of School Hall(s) 1
Number of Playground(s) 1
Number of In-door Play area(s) 1
Special Rooms Multi-Purpose Activity Room and Resource Centre.
支援有特殊教育需要學生的設施 Ramp
Number of Registered Teacher 16
Qualifications and professional training (%)
Higher Diploma in ECE 100%
Bachelor Degree in ECE 63%
Master/ Doctorate Degree or above 6%
Special Education Training 6%
Years of Experience (%)
0 – 4 years 31%
5 – 9 years 38%
10 years or above31%
2021/22 School Year
Nursery Classes (AM)2
Nursery Classes (PM)1
Lower KG Classes (AM)2
Lower KG Classes (PM)1
Upper KG Classes (AM)1
Upper KG Classes (PM)1
Mode of teaching at different levels
Adopting a student-centered approach with varied learning activities to develop students’ ability to learn through play, discovery learning, and learn independently.
Developmental objectivesEmphases of Assessment

Moral Development


  • Children establish initial concepts of right and wrong, and demonstrate positive values
  • Children are confident of themselves and develop an optimistic and positive attitude towards living
  • Children live in harmony with others, respect the differences between others and themselves, and establish good relationships with others
  • Children have a basic understanding of their roles and responsibilities in different aspects of life in the family, school, society, country and the world

Cognitive and Language



  • Children demonstrate curiosity, and are interested in people and things of the surrounding environment
  • Children have simple concepts in mathematical literacy, with basic abilities in analysis, reasoning, judgement and problem solving
  • Children have good language development, and are able to express what they think

Physical Development


  • Children know about their body and senses
  • Children are able to hold attention and have good observation skills
  • Children have good living habits and self-care abilities, and establish a healthy lifestyle
  • Children can control gross and fine motor activities and coordinate body and limb movements
  • Children are aware of their body boundaries and develop awareness for self-protection

Affective & Social Development

(Social Skills)

  • Children understand their thoughts and emotions, and express their feelings and needs through appropriate means
  • Children are willing to communicate with others, and are confident in familiar situations
  • Children have team spirit, and are willing to negotiate and cooperate with others

Aesthetic Development


  • Children pay attention to the arts media in the surrounding environment and show curiosity
  • Children are willing to share their feelings on works of arts
  • Children develop creativity and imagination, and enjoy creating
  • Children like to appreciate things in the surrounding, and take the initiative to participate in art activities
Morning and Afternoon Assemblies / Whole-class or Whole-group Activities (health inspections, conversation and sharing of life experiences) 15minutes
Learning Activities and Free Choice Corner Activities (e.g. play involving construction, creation, exploration, manipulation, social interaction and language) 75minutes
Physical Activities, Music Activities and Art Activities 45minutes
Toilet Time 20minutes
Meals (tidying up, lunch time, snack time) 15minutes
Tidying-up Activities and Getting Ready to Go Home (conclusion and sharing of the day’s activities, conversation and nursery rhymes) 10minutes
School starts at AM Section 09:00  / PM Section 13:30
School ends at AM Section 12:00  / PM Section 16:30
Remarks After-school interest groups from Monday to Friday afternoon.
  • Use multimedia teaching to cultivate students’ ability to use information technology and encourage self-study.
  • Newly set up an electronic library system, promote reading activities, and establish a reading culture;
  • Promote moral education and civic education courses, cultivate personal growth and civic awareness through aesthetic education courses, and improve personal qualities.
  • MI Class:Kung fu for children, arithmetic and mental arithmetic, gymnastics, drawing, Cambridge English, recitation、Phonics、Lego。

Fostering a balanced development in the five domains and whole-person education. Children are learning through Play.
Appropriate integration of IT equipment to assist learning and teaching. To instil values and attitudes to respect, appreciate, and cherish the environment and nature.

School Management
School Management OrganisationSupervisor, School Head, Administrative Streams
School Green Policy
  • The school is committed to promoting energy saving, carbon reduction, waste recycling, and school greening policies.
  • We replaced traditional paper and reply slips with electronic bulletins.
  • We have applied for the “Solar Energy Support Scheme for Schools” by EMSD HK which will convert solar energy into electricity for school use to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
School’s Major Concerns
  1. Implement “My Pledge to Act – Expressing gratitude, to cherish, be proactive and optimistic (2020)” to improve children’s personal qualities.
  2. Strengthen “Learning through Play” to enhance students’ interest in learning.