We are determined to be a quality kindergarten that allows teachers to optimize each child’s potential through the shared joy of learning and teaching

Core value

(i) Catering for the growth and developmental needs of children

Children like to explore and are active learners. Their development is a gradual process and their learning is influenced by their growth and developmental patterns. The curriculum content should focus on events that align with children’s abilities.

(ii) Providing real-life, sensory and interesting learning experiences

We nurture children’s interest in learning and sustaining their learning motivation. Providing real-life, sensory, and interesting learning experiences helps children gain first-hand life experiences and knowledge, thus achieving the prescribed curriculum aims.

(iii) Catering for learner diversity and the different needs of children

Children are unique individuals whose abilities, personalities, interests, backgrounds, cultures, living habits and modes of learning are varied. Teachers should have reasonable expectations of children and provide them with appropriate support, so that children with diverse characteristics and needs can enjoy learning in the same school.

(iv) Sustaining the strengths of the existing school-based curriculum

Abiding Kindergarten has a caring and professional teaching team, providing children with school-based learning experiences to cater to different needs. The design of the curriculum was built on school-based experiences and strengths to enable continuous enhancement.

(v) Collaboration among school, family and community

Stakeholders should agree on the core value of “child-centredness” and share the objectives and directions of kindergarten education to ensure mutual support and alignment. Relies on collaboration among school, family, and community in which all stakeholders have close communication and cooperation.


(i) Fostering a balanced development in the five domains and whole-person education.

Align with primary and secondary education in laying a firm foundation for the sustainable learning and growth of children, fostering in children a balanced development in the domains of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills, and aesthetics, thus achieving the goal of whole-person education.

(ii) Learning through Play

Children love to play. They can derive pleasure, fun, asense of success and experience through play with others,collaboration and imitation. Play is an effective way of learning that best suits the developmental characteristics of children.

(iii) To instil values and attitudes to respect, appreciate and cherish the environment and nature.

Children are curious by nature. “Nature and Living” emphasises developing and sustaining in children curiosity and exploratory spirit to help them learn how to acquire knowledge. Understanding scientific concepts through observation of phenomena in nature; gaining a preliminary understanding of modern technology and the influence it brings to us through everyday life experiences.

(iv) Appropriate integration of IT equipment to assist learning and teaching

Rapid technological advancement changes our living habits. Teachers can guide children to be aware of the technological products in their everyday life to gain an understanding of their use and changes over the course of time in order to make good use of technology. Schools should create a safe environment for children to express their thoughts towards nature and surroundings, and to experience the relationship among nature, technology and our everyday life, through observation, prediction and comparison.

School Motto

  • Ability
  • Behavior
  • Intelligent
  • Delight