Our school has officially participated in the Jockey Club Digital Capability Kindergarten Project. This project aims to enhance the teaching and management effectiveness of our school through the application of digital technology and related solutions, providing our children with a higher quality learning environment.

Through the Jockey Club Digital Capability Kindergarten Project, we will introduce advanced digital tools and platforms to enhance the interactivity and effectiveness of teaching and learning. Our teachers will be able to utilize these tools to create more engaging and enjoyable classroom experiences while providing more personalized learning support.

At the same time, we are committed to building a Smart Campus, leveraging technology and digital solutions to improve the efficiency of school operations and management. This will involve integrating various digital tools, information systems, and data analytics to provide a more convenient and effective learning and management environment. We believe this will bring greater opportunities for development and innovation to our school.

We look forward to working together with parents, staff, and students to explore and embrace the learning and growth opportunities offered by this digital era.