9th February, 2021

Dear Parents,

The EDB strongly advises that teachers, staff, parents, and students should avoid going out, having crowd gatherings and social contacts as well as dining out during the Chinese New Year holidays. The EDB, after taking into account the latest development of the epidemic, advice of health experts, and the preparedness of schools, has decided that all KGs should be allowed to arrange more students to return to campuses on a half-day basis in accordance with the schools’ Chinese New Year’s holidays, with the number of students capped at one-third of the total number of students at the schools. The related class arrangements during 22-February to 12-March are as follows:

Besides, the Education Bureau (EDB) will allow some schools if they can arrange all its teachers and staff (i.e., teaching, and non-teaching staff directly employed by the school working on campus) to complete the tests 14 days before the target date of whole-school class resumption. Our School Management Committee is going to resume the half-day face-to-face classes on 15 March 2021. We will arrange all teachers and staff to undergo regular virus tests to commence the whole-school resumption of half-day face-to-face classes. The tests will be conducted and completed once in every 14-day cycle. We will inform parents, students, and related stakeholders if we cannot follow its plan as early as possible to make relevant preparations. Our teachers and staff will submit the negative testing results (Short Message Service (SMS) in mobile phones or laboratory testing reports) to the school.

The school actively promotes the full resumption of face-to-face classrooms. According to the regulations of the Education Bureau, it is limited to half a day. We will thoroughly clean and sanitize its premises during non-school hours. The school will also take appropriate supporting measures, such as requiring all other personnel who regularly visit and stay at the school premises to strictly observe the health precautionary measures and maintain appropriate social distancing. The Education Bureau also encourages such people to actively carry out virus testing.

Parents should urge their children to bring mask, wet/paper tissue to school. To avoid the risk of students having a snack time together in proximity without wearing masks, therefore no snack time will be provided. Students should eat breakfast/lunch before going to school and bring a shoulder-mounted water bottle(write name) and put the mask back on immediately after drinking. If the child have fever or other symptoms (e.g., fever, malaise, dry cough, and shortness of breath, etc.), they should seek medical advice immediately and should not go to school. If their children are confirmed with COVID-19, parents should inform the school immediately; if they are defined as “close contacts,” they should undergo quarantine as ordered by CHP, should not go back to school, and have to inform the school immediately. If students have been away from Hong Kong to overseas countries/regions during the class suspension period, they should report to schools the time and places of their trips, and strictly follow the quarantine instruction of DH. Please bring the student card and line up at the said position during pick-up time. Teachers will invite students to leave by broadcasting. Parents are not required to enter school. Parents should submit the “Declaration form for travel history and health status of students” to the school on the first day of class resumption and take their temperature every day. The “Temperature Record Book” will be distributed on the same day.

The arrangements for the full resumption of face-to-face classes will be announced later. Parents please pay attention! During the Lunar New Year holidays, the school will continue to strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of the whole school to keep the campus clean and hygienic. Mist Tech HK is going to provide “Nanoneedle antimicrobial coatings sterilization and antibacterial disinfection service” to our school premises on 19 February.

Please be reminded to attend the first term “Online Parents Meeting” on 27th February. The class teacher will report the children’s learning development and performances individually. It is the school holiday on 3rd March which is the Nam Pin Wai Feast of the God Tou Tei.

We wish all parents and classmates a Happy Chinese New Year!

Abiding Kindergarten