Abiding Kindergarten, to fulfill “suspending classes without suspending learning” by the Education Bureau’s policy under the influence of the COVID-19 in 2020. We started the online classes for the very first time. We innovated an online live broadcast of the graduation ceremony, new student parent’s meetings, K1 nursery classes adaptative activities and cooperation with parents, new school year opening ceremony, Primary One Admission System seminar…

We developed a new “electronic admission system” this year

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Winter school uniforms

Students can choose to wear their winter or summer school uniform from 21st October 2020 (Monday) onwards in response to changes to the weather during

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The Anji Play Pedagogy


Quality Education Fund

本校一直致力推行品德教育,今年更榮獲優質教育基金批出撥款,於本學年(2020/2021) 推行「我的行動承諾—感恩珍惜.積極樂觀」學習活動,從小培養學童正面的價值觀和積極態度。

Multiple Intelligence


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